The term overselling refers to offering system resources to customers while lacking the ability to provide them. In simple words, an Internet hosting provider could advertise a plan with infinite disk space when, in truth, the user's account will be generated on a server with many different other accounts sharing the total space. To make sure that all consumers have their share, companies often set hidden quotas for each and every account and in essence deceive their clients about the resources they will get. The primary reason to oversell is to get new customers although service providers do understand that a web server can have only so many hard disk drives. Resellers often purchase plans with limited system resources too, so they are unable to provide the unlimited plans they offer.

No Overselling in Shared Hosting

Unlike other hosting companies, we don't oversell as we simply do not need to. The characteristics which we've listed for all of our shared hosting packages are what you'll truly get provided you register with our firm. The explanation for our warranties is a fantastic cloud web hosting platform which will provide all of the system resources each of our clients could ever need. As an alternative to storing files and running SQL or e-mail servers and other system processes on a single machine, we have separate clusters of servers dealing with each of these services, so you will never come across a situation where the server does not have enough resources for your Internet sites. Whenever we need additional disk space or more memory, we can just attach the needed hardware or even entire servers to each and every cluster, so if you use one of our hosting plans, you'll always get what you have paid for.

No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Servers

Although several of the characteristics of our semi-dedicated server solutions are listed as unlimited, we do not oversell and we would never do this because we believe that building mutual trust between a web hosting service provider and its customers is very important. We do provide all the unlimited features due to our advanced cloud hosting platform where all semi-dedicated accounts are generated. The platform consists of numerous clusters which will take care of your files, databases, visitor statistics, emails, etcetera, so the system resources we have are actually infinite because we can expand any of the clusters when needed by adding more hard disks to expand the disk space or servers to increase the computing power. In case you sign up with our company, you won't ever pay for attributes that you are not able to actually use.