The complete online analytics stats within your Control Panel will enable you to track virtually all activities on your web–sites. You’ll receive realtime details about the load created in your hosting account as well as the site traffic they get on an hourly, per–week and per–month base. You will also find information in relation to our system as a whole including the physical IP address, the Operating System, the versions of PHP and MySQL and many others. All the information is sorted in sections as a way for you to locate it.

Server Info

Look into the server’s OS, IP address, etcetera.

In the Stats Manager area of the Control Panel, you can get live details about the hosting server including the OS that’s utilized as well as the actual IP address of your hosting account. Moreover, one can find useful data for your own website development plans like the latest variations of PHP, MySQL and Perl, in addition to the mounted Perl modules. Mailing server info like the sendmail path as well as the inbound and outgoing maill servers is also provided.

All of the web hosting server facts are displayed in an easily readable way for you to easily find the details you’ll need.

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Access & Error Records

Receive information about your sites’ efficiency

With the information presented in the Access & Error Reports area of your Control Panel, you can easily detect virtually any possible troubles with the effectiveness of your sites. The access reports will highlight all kinds of files including texts, pics and movies that have been looked over from your customers as the error listing will document any notifications and errors that have happened during their stay on your website.

You can easily open the access and error stats files for each of your operational websites from the Stats Manager part of your Control Panel.

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Website Traffic Stats

Look into the traffic to your site in the finest detail

Through the web statistics instruments incorporated into the The Hosting Solutions Control Panel, you’ll be able to keep track of the viewers on your site in the finest detail. You can choose between two famous stats tool – Webalizer and Awstats, both of which provide you with detailed information about the visitors to your web site and the content and articles they view on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

You don’t have to set up anything in advance to receive traffic information for your sites. Within the Traffic Statistics section of your Control Panel, just simply load the information list for any particular site and collect the data that you require for your advertising campaigns.

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CPU Stats

Keep tabs on your sites’ server load

The CPU reports enclosed in your Control Panel provide you with real time data about the server load that is accumulated in your account by your scripts, data base requests, etc. So, the more dynamic and complex your website is, the more hosting server assets it will need to remain running efficiently.

The server load details are presented within an easily readable manner and presents you with information on the web server load produced each day, each month or annually. This correct information will help keep you informed about the hosting server memory usage at any given moment and will assist you to stop your web sites from going offline because of hosting server overload (reached server power usage restrictions).

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