If you would like to switch web hosting companies and you don't have lots of experience or time, you could find it tough to migrate your content. Relocating an HTML Internet site involves uploading smaller files to the new web server, therefore it could be simpler, but migrating a script-driven site, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new Internet hosting platform or moving databases and e-mails can be quite irritating tasks for some people. Therefore, many users are tied to a service provider which offers a bad web hosting service simply because they don't know how they can move their content to an alternative company safely and securely while keeping the design and performance of their sites unchanged. In this light, our hosting solutions provide a site migration service, that is totally free of charge, and that will save you a substantial amount of time and efforts since you'll not need to do anything on your end.

Assisted Website Migration in Shared Hosting

You can benefit from this absolutely free service irrespective of the shared hosting package deal that you have picked and you could contact us as soon as your new account has been created. There shall not be a problem for our tech support team to relocate even many sites provided you have selected a package where you can host more than a single domain name. Once they are done with the migration to our revolutionary cloud Internet hosting platform, they will test out if everything is functioning correctly before they inform you that you are able to change the name servers of your domain name as to point it to our web servers. We can relocate any Internet site which runs on a LAMP machine and is not created on a closed platform like Yola or Wix in which we cannot access the website files to copy them. This includes not just popular platforms such as WordPress or Moodle, but also any custom Internet site. When you employ our migration service, we can easily set everything up within 24 to 48 hours, so you can start using our platform immediately.

Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you purchase a semi-dedicated server account through our company, we can transfer your content absolutely free even if you have a number of sites under different domains. As our top-notch cloud hosting platform employs Linux, your current host ought to employ this Operating System also and you must not be using a closed-source online web design service like Weebly, Mr. Site or Jimdo since they don't allow the website files to be accessed, thus we can't transfer this type of a website. It usually does not take more than 48 hrs from the moment you arrange the migration with our support team to the time everything is transferred and set up, so that you can start using our services immediately. You will be able to take advantage for any custom-made Internet site or for one that you've developed with a script-driven application such as Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle or WordPress. Once everything is prepared, we will inform you and you can change the name servers of your domain names to point them to your new account. Given that the content will be identical on both web servers, your visitors will not notice any downtime during the DNS update propagation.

Assisted Website Migration in VPS Servers

When you pick one of our Linux VPS plans, we can begin moving your websites whenever your account is ready and you contact us. The procedure usually takes up to 48 hrs with regards to the number and the size of the sites which you would like to move to the virtual private server and this time includes not only migrating the content, but also testing it after as to ensure that your information is whole and that your sites will work adequately on our end. Our tech support team can transfer any widely used script application or custom Internet site provided it can run on a Linux web server and if you are not using a service like Weebly, Jimdo or Mr. Site because they do not grant access to the files of the Internet sites developed on their platforms. Other than that, our service is available for any hosting CP that you select on our end or use with the other provider. We may save you the time and the efforts at no extra expense on top of the monthly virtual private server price and the functioning of your websites will practically not be disrupted as during the propagation of the new name servers that you set for the domain names you would like to host on the web server, you'll have the same content on both ends.

Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Servers

If you have decided to change companies because you need a more effective web hosting solution and you sign up for a dedicated server from our company, we can migrate a number of sites at no additional cost and in just two days as we have a team of really skilled administrators. Not only will they transfer the data for you, but they will furthermore adjust all the necessary settings inside the configuration files of your Internet sites and will test out if everything is operating adequately before they notify you that the migration procedure has been completed. This service is available regardless of the hosting CP which you employ with the current host and the one that you order on our end. It also doesn't matter if you're using a custom site or a script like WordPress or Joomla since our admins can transfer any type of Internet site which can run on Linux environment. The only websites they can't transfer are ones created on platforms like Wix, Jimdo or Weebly because they employ closed-source website builders and do not offer access to the actual files. Once everything is set up, you could change the name servers of the domain names which you want to be hosted in the dedicated server and given that the content will be identical with the one you have on the servers of the current host company, you'll not see any disturbances.